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Foam Mods is an industry leader, offering high-quality EPS solutions, service, and expertise across British Columbia and Alberta.

Whether for new construction or renovations, below-grade applications, or commercial, residential, or geotechnical projects, Foam Mods provides high-quality EPS solutions to meet all your project goals and has the service and expertise to go with it. EPS is innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable. Best of all, EPS offers an eco-friendly and affordable solution to traditional materials.


EPS Roofing Insulation Foam

Builders across BC and Alberta love the quality EPS roofing insulation Foam Mods makes. Flat and tappered profiles are available to meet the needs of any job.

EPS Building Insulation

EPS insulation solutions have low environmental impacts, stable R-values and resist moisture. They’re ideal for continuous insulation applications and eliminate nearly all risk of condensation, rot and mold. Available in various thicknesses and strengths.

EPS Flotation Foam

Many people is BC and Alberta enjoy their time on the water. Foam Mods floation billets are made to your specifications. Enjoy easy installation into your docking system.

EPS for Landscaping

Ultra-lightweight foam blocks require minimum labour, time and resources to move. While dirt can shift and move when compressed, EPS foam’s performance is predictable and stable.

EPS for Film

Foam Mods works to provide highquality foam for use in British Columbia's film industry.

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About Foam Mods

Located in Surrey BC Foam Mods is a Expanded Polystyrene manufacturer. Our facility allows us to serve BC and Alberta's contractors, builders, landscapers, and homeowners with high quality EPS foam, delivered quickly.

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